The Writing Process Blog Tour continues at Magically Real!

One of the most creative and talented people I have ever met is Stephanie Hammer.

Stephanie Barbé Hammer @ Magically Real

Many thanks to Kelly Davio for inviting me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour!  Kelly is the author of the poetry collection Burn This House (Red Hen Press), and she has a forthcoming novel in poems Jacob Wrestling, that will launch in Spring 2015 with Pink Fish Press. She is a former poetry editor for the Los Angeles Review, and is currently Poetry Editor of the brand new Tahoma Review, a beautiful literary magazine that actually pays authors!

You can read Kelly’s responses to the Writing Process questions here. I answer the same questions below:

1. What am I working on?

courtesy ann brantingham courtesy ann brantingham

I am proofing the formatted manuscript of my poetry collection How Formal? (forthcoming with Spout Hill Press), and I am working on the continuation of the story that I began in my novel, The Puppet Turners of…

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