Story Time Sunday, December 21st, 2014 — The Time of Our Lives

I am sharing my friend Stephanie’s post because I like what she says. With all our buzzing around, we forget to have “fun.” We need to ask ourselves why we are doing whatever it is we are doing.
Clean fun: “play, game, sport, amusement, relaxation…” Remember, reading? Reading and writing are fun. Happy holidays. Kaye

Stephanie Barbé Hammer @ Magically Real

Last night I arrived early at the annual Solstice party hosted by two of my favorite people, Marie and Joscelyn. Their younger son, Jasper, was serving as lookout at the front door and announcing when guests arrived and an adult would need to come open the door.10882345_10152878814549720_3506377642166799299_n

I was standing by the bar (surprise), when Jasper called out his alert:

“People people people!” he shouted. I looked around. People were pouring punch and opening wine bottles. So, I guess they didn’t hear him.

“People people people!” Jasper cried again. My companions at the bar looked at each other. They heard this time. But no one felt comfortable answering the door.

“Marie!” called one person. “People are here.”

“People people people!” called Jasper. It felt urgent.

I walked over. Opened the door.

I looked out.


“Look down!” Said Jasper.

I shifted my gaze downward.

That’s when I saw 4 fingers…

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