when jews aren’t white, part 1: “Little White Lie” and questions of color — 03/27/15, coloring books project

Thanks to Stephanie Hammer for raising “difficult” issues. Kaye

Stephanie Barbé Hammer @ Magically Real

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Friends —

My daughter and I were talking about funerals the other day because we just went to a very sad one.

“Why are these services always so Lutheran?” my daughter asked. Then we looked at each other.

“Remember that Passover we went to at Jenny’s family’s house?!!!” we both shouted simultaneously.

Let me explain.

I am a Russian-Norwegian Jew by choice. My husband is the child of European Jews, aka Ashkenazic Jews. My daughter is a blue eyed blonde.

By contrast, Jenny’s family are Iranian. The Passover we experienced at their house — while having the same prayers and basic storyline — had different melodies and a completely different tempo and feel than the polite — if funny — ritual dinner held at my friends’ and family’s seder tables.

For example, at Jenny’s house we were all given these giant green onions that we hit each other…

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