Leaning Out: Interview with Jill Talbot

What a fabulous idea. This could be the beginning of a new writing genre. Collaboration in writing with another author.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Part one of an interview with frequent Brevity contributor Jill Talbot, conducted by Emily Pifer:

Jill Talbot Jill Talbot

Emily Pifer: I stumbled upon “Lines Like Loss, Like Leaving,” your collaborative essay with Justin Lawrence Daugherty, while picking around on The Rumpus one day, but after reading, I fell completely. I followed the trail of your work together to “On Writing, Like Lust” in Pithead Chapel, and then “On Going, Like Going Back” on Hobart Pulp. The lines between you and Daugherty feel incredibly present and urgent, and the longing on both sides feels raw and open. There’s an energy moving back and forth. How did your collaboration with Daugherty begin, and how does the collaborative process typically unfold between you two?

Jill Talbot: I discovered Justin on Twitter when I began following Sundog Lit, the journal he founded and edits. I was drawn to the journal’s mission, “literature that…

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